Prototypes to High Volume Production

BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear polyester film. It is sold under many trade names including Mylar, Melinex and Hostaphan. It provides excellent clarity and is well known for its electrical insulating, high temperature resistance and high strength properties. Mylar also offers resistance from many greases, solvents, oils, and moisture. We are specialists in forming deep parts thought to be impossible even from the material manufacturers.

Our in-house specialties include:

  • Custom designed and built thermoforming machines to form only Polyester film.
  • UNIFORM wall thickness, throughout the entire part, as well as STRAIGHT walls with no Draft, unheard of in the thermoforming world.
  • Complex and special high precision trimming of Mylar parts.
  • Special diaphragms used for medical, sound, and mechanical.
  • Proprietary technique for low to high production volumes.
  • Proprietary process to produce very close tolerance parts that no one else is able to do.
  • Rapid in-house tooling for fast turnaround, assured maintenance and modification flexibility.
  • Modern machine shop with lathes, milling machines, EDM (wire, sinking & hole making), grinding (cylindrical & surface), heat treating, and more.
  • Special thermoformed Mylar/Polyester parts for all industries, Aerospace, Ordnance, Electronic, Medical, Automotive and many more.
  • Custom designed and built thermoforming machines to form only Polyester film.
  • Insulators
  • Diaphragms
  • Cap Insulators
  • Diaphragm Dewpointer
  • Sleeve Cap
  • Nozzle Seals
  • Insulator Cups
  • Coil Insulators
  • Diaphragm Transducer
  • Cell Pack Insulators
  • Insulator Filter
  • Booster Cup
  • FM Igniter Caps
  • Transmitter Plastic Preform
  • Cup Closures
  • Insulator Flex