Custom Thermoforming of Plastic Parts, Very Precise Close Tolerance

Small, Ultra-Precise, and Intricate Thermoformed Plastic Parts,
In-House Tool and Die Facility Stamping and Machining

Our company offers complete service in product development to volume production. Our extensive toolmaking facilities coupled with over 50 years’ experience in special fabrication and automation enable us to efficiently meet your requirement.

Polyethylene Matchdie Formed Thermorformed Pressure Formed Molded

All of our tool and die work is done in-house on the latest equipment. This enables us to react quickly and economically to our customer's requirements.

  • Insulators, diaphragms, & Mylar parts – small & large runs
  • Small, precise, miniature, thin gauge and micro plastic parts
  • Close precision tolerances on materials from, .0005 to .125 inches thick
  • Mylar, Acetate, Butyrate, Polycarbonate, Polyester Film PETG, PVC, HIP Styrene,
    ETFE, FEP, Polyethylene, and more
  • Medical & biomedical thermoformed & stamped plastic components
  • Small industrial parts – washers, gaskets, discs, bushings, gears, plates, spacers
  • Stamping & die cutting – intricate small & medium sized parts


Our custom designed equipment, built in house, gives us the ability to produce custom intricate parts that no one else can!

We have built more than 45 machines that we have designed for various types of thermoforming. Of these 45 we have 11 different types. With this equipment we can perform precision, intricate, and concentric trimming, typically thought to be impossible. This also gives us the ability to modify or build a machine for a special job.